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How to Use Medical Guest Post for Backlinks And Promotion?

Getting backlinks through a natural and organic way is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in medical marketing. While you may come across many sites that will claim you to get a thousand guest post backlinks per day, their worth and strength will be next to nothing when you go through a search engine algorithm change.

This is why medical guest posts are an incredible SEO and backlink acquiring tool when utilized accurately. Essentially, there are two advantages to guest post. To start with, you get to advertise your medical business to various patient crowds and increase your patient traffic, and secondly, you get several organic backlinks to your medical website design.

If you post on a truly mainstream medical blog, you can get a big flux of direct patient traffic to your medical site. The next best benefit of medical guest posting? You get truly organic and authentic backlinks that can withstand any search engine algorithm changes. If the site that is hosting your medical posts is a high ranking one and it is in your field of business, it adds to the strength and power of the backlinks.

Find Medical Sites That Host Guest Blogging

This is where you might want to spend a little more attentiveness on and pick out the host sites that have high rankings. Numerous sites that host guest posts have a different segment or page where they list their guest posting rules. Simply type in your niche of guest posting or medical field on Google followed by “guest blog,” “write for us,” etc.

For instance, in case you own a medical business that provides orthodontic services, you could look for:

“Orthodontist” + “guest post”

“Orthodontist” + “contributor”

“Orthodontist” + “write for us”

These search terms may help you come up with guest posting host sites. Pick out several of them and observe each. Read their rules and choose the ones that will collaborate best with your objectives and type of medical guest posts.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Rival’s Backlinks

While the saying “it is always best to know what the enemy is saying” would be too extreme in this situation, it is however a good practice to always keep an eye out for your rival’s success and their method of achieving it.

You can learn a lot from your rivals if they have a successful medical business. Find out what host sites they are using and will they work for you. To figure the rate of your rival’s backlink generation, you can use the tools such as Moz Link Explorer to see the sources and rate of generation of their backlinks.

Refine Your Medical Content Ideas

Guest posting is a much more serious task than just posting medical content on your medical site’s blog. You need to be more precise when picking out medical content ideas fr your guest post. Think of the ones that you know patients want from you. Once again, research and see what is working out for, for instance, other Orthodontists online.

You can also use tools like BuzzSumo to come up with medical content ideas. You can also use some more online tools like CoSchedule to come up with great post titles. Once again, see the host site and what kind of medical guest post they allow, this can help you base your ideas for your own medical guest posts to pitch to them.

Start Your Medical Outreach

It is now the defining stage for your medical guest blogging to acquire backlinks. Revert back to the host site of your choice and click on their “Get in touch with us”. Attempt to search for an email address if available. If not, you can make use of their contact forms.

That is the simple part. The more troublesome part is to pitch and sell your idea to high-authority online host sites. A simple and straightforward email is probably not going to give you a great result. You can follow them on social media platforms and get in touch with them.

That is an extraordinary method of making yourself known. If you have a successful medical business, following them on social media online will do the trick. You won’t even have to pitch your guest posts, they’ll offer to have them on their host site for you.

Compose Your Medical Guest Posts

If you get offered to post on a host site or your pitch gets accepted, it is now time to carefully maneuver what you have got to say. You need to come up with medical content that is precise, has a mention of your medical services, and will get patients to click on it. A couple of key things to be remembered when composing these medical posts are:

  • Always make sure that your medical guest posts follow the rules and guidelines of the host site.
  • Your medical guest posts must be SEO compatible.
  • Always provide a link back to your medical site. This is a crucial practice in order to get backlinks from your medical guest posts.

Track and Measure

Now is the time to stand back and observe. You may not get it right from the first few tries, yet with practice, you will definitely notice your medical guest posts generating backlinks for you. Guest writing for a host site is a tedious and cumbersome task.

After the submission of your first batch of guest posts, track their performance see what is lacking and what needs work. Compare yours to other guest posts on that host site. SEO experts to keep track of your backlink profile and generation. Make sure to set up regular backlink checks to keep track.

Gaining Backlinks Via Medical Guest Posting Still Works

Many marketing experts assert for guest posts to acquire backlinks. When an authoritative and legitimate host site displays your medical posts bearing your medical business’s name, your backlink generation speeds up. The quality of these backlinks is organic and verified by Google itself.

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HIPAA Violations: Everything You Need To Know

HIPAA or less commonly known as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a set of violations that are some restriction barriers that all medical businesses should avoid at all costs. While these violations are very strict and severe in nature, they are quite normal for medical businesses to come across.

Truth be told, even an international medical business may encounter minor HIPAA violation cases every year or so. However commonly occurring they may be, HIPAA violations are something that should not be treated with light-hearted behavior. Violating them can cause serious financial fines and penalties for the medical businesses.

This is why all doctors who own their online medical businesses must be aware of what HIPAA violations are, why is it important to stay HIPAA compliant, and what to do if you violate one of the sanctions. Doing so will keep your medical business running successfully.

What Are HIPAA Violations?

HIPAA violations are part of the HIPAA act that was introduced in 1996. This act centers around limiting the power medical businesses hold over the PHI (Patient Health Information) they attain when they gain patients.

What Are The Fines Charged For HIPAA violations?

The U.S. Division of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office for Civil Rights can decide fines and punishments according to the nature of the violation committed by a medical business. 

Though, generally, the most common violations can be fined up from  $500 to $50,000 per violation. If the nature of the violation is very serious and sensitive in nature, medical businesses can be fined as well as closed down for business and face jail time.

What Are The Five Most Common HIPAA Violations?

There are a lot of HIPAA sanctions that you need to stay clear from, but among them are the five biggest, most common ones that you should avoid at all costs to keep your medical business up and running.

Prying Into Patient Healthcare Records

Patients give up their personal healthcare information trusting the medical business. This information, however, must be allowed by the Privacy Rule. The Privacy Rule refers to only asking for patient information for the purposes of medical treatment only.

Asking for information that surpasses the Privacy Rule is a violation of patient protection, thus a HIPAA violation. This also refers to prying and sneaking around on medical services records of the patient’s family or acquaintances is one of the most common HIPAA violations committed by medical businesses. Doing so can result in closing the medical business and facing criminal charges.

Keeping Unencrypted Patient Data

Patient data is very sensitive. In order for medical businesses to contain it, the data must always be safe by encrypting it. This adds an extra layer of network protection on the precious data and avoids it failing into the wrong hands.

Not only does this keeps the data safe but also makes it easier to store and transfer if need be. This is a requirement that all medical businesses must follow to remain HIPAA compliant. Keeping patient data unencrypted, is a violation of HIPAA and can cause serious damage to the patient if the data is hacked by cyber-hackers.

Allowing Unauthorized Access To PHI

As mentioned before, when you ask for patients to fill out the forms regarding their personal information, whether online or not, you must treat that information with utmost care and security. HIPAA very deeply looks into the handling of patient information and you can easily violate one of its sanctions if you are not careful enough.

This is why you should not allow access to every employee in your medical business to patient records and information. Your employees getting access to the patient information if  they’re not approved for is a HIPAA violation. Regardless of whether they’re just looking after the patient data or just arranging it if they are not authorized, it’s still considered a violation and bring about a fine of thousands of dollars.

Removing Or Mishandling Of PHIs

Once a patient fills out their form asking for their personal information, you as a medical business must always handle it with care and use it for its intended purpose only, which is the patient’s treatment. Mishandling of patient data refers to sharing it to unauthorized third parties, dealing with it with carelessness, accidentally “leaking” it while transferring it, and so on.

To avoid violating a HIPAA sanction, you must always handle the PHI with care by encrypting it from the get-go and keenly monitoring it when it is getting transferred or arranged in your records.

Leaking PHI To Unauthorized Parties

Connected with the last violation, leaking the PHI is a major HIPAA violation that can cause you a penalty worth $50,000 at least. If you do want to share the PHI, for instance, for gathering patient testimonials for medical website, you must always get the patient’s consent and get it in the record for legal purposes. If you choose to opt for unauthorized ways to displaying the PHI, it will be considered as leaking the patient data and violating one of the most serious HIPAA violations.

What To Do If You Violate A HIPAA Compliance

It is very common to come across a HIPAA violation, even with the best efforts to avoid them. However, once you become aware of a violation, you must make haste to deal with it immediately. Dealing with a HIPAA violation begins with identifying the nature of the violation and its severity. Get your legal advisor involved and try to amend the situation as moderately as possible.

Stay HIPAA Complaint To Avoid Financial And Business Loss

One of the major things to consider before getting into opening an online medical business is becoming familiar with HIPAA violations. Your, as the owner of your medical business, your medical staff and employees must become aware of the violations, what they are and how to avoid them to abstain from running into any unfortunate circumstances in the future.

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