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For doctors and healthcare businesses looking to attract more patients to improve their medical brand’s online reputation by optimizing their marketing expenses, DocMarketo is the right place.

We specialize in providing SEO services and solutions for doctors to solve all of your optimization problems. As a medical business, your practice requires you to have a reputation amongst all other medical businesses especially when your potential patients are seeking healthcare services like yours or the products you provide.

One of the major ways to build a positive reputation and online presence is to have an optimized website that can only be achieved through reliable SEO solutions for doctors.

Before providing you with the details of what professional medical SEO services can do for a medical website, we must put some statistics in front of you first. In 2017, almost 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses. 12% of those individuals conducted daily web searches for local businesses.

The average search result is completed in under a single, and the local businesses that pop up in those search results have a higher chance of boosting their lead generation than others.


In this digital age, many patients use the internet for searching reliable local healthcare providers and services. Being a leading medical SEO company, DocMarketo makes sure that our clients receive high-quality healthcare SEO services so they can see their medical services appear on the first page of SERPs.

If you’re receiving doctor SEO services from an agency and can’t see yourself appearing with matching relevant keywords highlighting your specialty, you’re wasting a great deal of money and effort.

Each client is different, with a different concentration of services, business objectives, and target demographics. Our team of SEO experts keeps that in mind when devising a custom SEO solution pack for you.

We provide SEO services for healthcare by focusing on your medical practice to determine which client will yield the most income and then develop a strategy for those patients to locate your practice. Our SEO solution for doctors offers you the following :

On-Page Optimization

Proper on-page optimization is key to any SEO solution for doctors. Our team conducts proper competitor analysis to provide us with results that can be used in developing a sound “on-page SEO” plan.

We utilize the results to dig deep further into your medical SEO solution and then optimize elements such as sitemap, content, images, navigation and structuring, and finally, keywords. All these factors work together to boost your search engine result rankings and make your medical website hit the front page where it's accessible to a vast group of desirable patients.

Keyword Research and Strategy

Keyword research and strategy have the power to make or break your online presence. As an SEO agency for doctors, our medical SEO specialist working with you will have a look at the keywords your medical website is ranking for and then acquire your keyword wish list.

A properly researched and implemented list of relevant keywords that are according to the competitive landscape and your specialty will help your website rank for the top and compete with your rivals.

Technical SEO

When it comes to SEO for doctors, technical SEO plays a major part in optimizing a medical website. The backend of the site needs to be optimized for the SEO ranking to be improved. Increasing the page speed of a website is an example of technical SEO.

Search engines will find your site more easily when our medical SEO marketing experts can fix any backend lags and boost your website’s speed and navigation. Once the search engines are satisfied with your website, your ranking will begin to climb up, allowing you to attract more patients.


Off-Page Optimization

Our work doesn't stop at only improving your website. We will also improve the factors outside your website, which will then result in improved rankings. These factors include protecting and improving your online reputation, monitoring search engine submissions, setting up your Google My Business page, and much more.

Off-page optimization makes sure that our on-site work remains effective, which means it's essential for your medical business’s SEO success.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis remains our top priority when it comes to offering SEO for doctors and medical clinics. We analyze and research the physicians and doctors relevant to your location and services, and then focus on the keywords, backlinks, website structure, and estimated traffic.

All of this will help us to create a plan of strategy that will help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to competition and that your medical website makes it to the front page of search results.

Reporting and Analytics

Among our SEO services for medical practices and businesses, reporting and analytics allow our clients to view our SEO efforts and their effectiveness so they can determine their success.

Through organic traffic reports and keyword tracking, Google Analytics setup and integration, our team tracks how successful your SEO is and then adjusts your custom SEO strategy accordingly, so your website keeps receiving the traffic and response you want.

New Patients

Your practice cannot grow without new patients, which is why our social media marketing has got your back.

Reach the Right People

The quality of your content can’t help in growing your practice if it’s not reaching anyone, which is where our targeting strategies come in handy.

Customer Strategy

Proper strategic and analytical expertise works together to improve your SEO, allowing your target audience and ultimately, your practice to expand and grow.

Build Credibility

Sharing your medical expertise with your existing and potential patients can help you build your credibility, which is made easy with our reputation management services.

Market Through Data-Driven SEO Packages

Affordable SEO Packages for Doctors

DoMarketo offers a variety of high-quality SEO services for doctors to help your medical business grow and develop into an online authority.

Our affordable SEO packages for doctors are focused on building a strong foundation for your online medical business’s success, offering countless solutions to reach your target patients—wherever they are searching through any search engines, social media platforms, and more.

When working with us as your SEO agency for doctors, you can choose which SEO plan is right for your medical business and digital marketing objectives. Our comprehensive medical SEO services work to fit any need and budget–from basic medical SEO campaigns to attract traffic all the way up to advanced medical SEO strategies designed to maximize your online presence.

Explore our affordable SEO packages and services below and discover how we can help grow your healthcare business through professionally done search engine optimization.



A flexible, low-risk solution for seo growth - perfect for small businesses & start-ups




Modern, cutting edge optimization strategies – all executed for a reasonable price



For companies ready for an advanced, wide-reaching & dominate approach to SEO


When only the best will do - We offer full-service seo packages to achieve your goals
SEO Services
SEO Services
So, Why SEO is Important for Healthcare Business?

Grow Your Healthcare Business with SEO

Investing in SEO for medical websites to grow a practice is now a necessity and no longer just a choice. If you wish to secure revenue, boost your reputation, and convert qualified leads, then getting medical SEO services for doctors should be an integral part of your healthcare marketing plan.

SEO Company for Doctors: Comes with Bond

We Value Partnership

At DocMarketo we treat all of our clients as our partners in success. This is one of the reasons we enjoy such strong relationships with our clients. 

Honesty & Integrity

We always do business the right way; with complete honesty and integrity. We are ethical, fair and treat every customer with the utmost respect.

Clear Reporting

We believe in complete transparency, our team provides clear and accessible reports. You can request to obtain a full overview of your social media campaigns.

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