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Social Media Services
For Doctors

We aim to show your future patients how good you and your practice is. Implement one of our social media marketing plans that are made for doctors, and see how your practice improves with so many more patients to work with. Doctors can grow their practice through social media, and here is how we do it:

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Tapping Into Social Media for Doctors

With time so many things change, people’s healthcare approach is now different from what it was a decade ago. Social media has created a platform where both the doctors can reach out to patients, and patients can receive all the up to date healthcare information they want. 

You can achieve a lot through social media marketing. You can engage with present patients, promote your services and practices, and reach new patients. Some doctors have adapted to social media better and are even sharing tips and tricks to their patients to go for a healthier lifestyle.


Consistent Content

Non-Invasive Advertising

Growth & Optimization

Reach the Right People

Engaging Content

Social Media Strategies

Our services enable you to get a dedicated team of specialists who will explain what steps must be taken to grow your practice and develop a social media strategy.

Through research on your company, patients and services will be conducted so we can come up with a strategy that is strong enough to make your practice shine over many other competitors.

Advertising funnels will also be developed to show you how your practice will move toward success when taking a social media marketing journey.

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Consistent Content Creation

As our work is done after having complete research of everything related to your company, the ads and content that will be created will be custom-tailored to your needs. Images, along with headlines, will be developed for your campaign.

Once the content is created, you can check it out, review it so you can have one final look to see if everything is according to what you need. Once we get the green signal from you, your content will reach the patients.

The content can be posted as often as you desire and is sent in advance for the month. A social media strategy requires consistency, and that is precisely what we aim to deliver. 

Data-Driven Advertising

A non-sales approach is a must if you need to get new patients from the leads, clicks, and conversions on your ads. This type of approach is specialized by our advertisers, giving you the patients you need for your practice.

Gone are the days when pushy ads seem to work as nowadays, people prefer ads that resonate with them and communicate with them. We specialize in creating the exact ads you need, so you will receive the patients you desire.

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Grow Your Business

We follow all HIPPA rules and regulations, along with only the best social media practices. Our aim is that your practice receives the most engaged patients and a strong following builds for you.

We imply organic techniques for the growth of your social media pages, so the patients you get are authentic and not fake accounts or bots.

Reach the right Audience

The quality of your content does matter, but if it’s not reaching anyone, it won’t help you grow your practice. We will make sure that your work reaches the right people.

We will reach people who will match the behaviors, interests, and demographics of your current patients. So let us help you and bring in the right audience, so you get the people that are on the lookout for you.

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Creative Content Writers

We have a  dedicated editorial team that produces compelling copy to support your Social media marketing campaigns. We have savvy editors and writers who conceptualize, develop and implement a content marketing plan best suited to your requirements.

The goal is to highlight your business’ value proposition and deliver the much-needed information to nudge your audience towards conversion.

Why DocMarketo

Why Choose DocMarketo As Your Social Media Company

We Use Proven Strategies That Convert. We’ve designed a culture that allows our associates to assimilate with our clients and bring the best of who we are to your business. Our culture drives our – and more importantly – your success.

Lead Your Market Through Data-Driven Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Marketing Services For Doctors

We Value Partnership

At DocMarketo we treat all of our clients as our partners in success. This is one of the reasons we enjoy such strong relationships with our clients. 

Honesty & Integrity

At DocMarketo we always do business the right way; with complete honesty and integrity. We are ethical, fair and treat every customer with the utmost respect.

Clear Reporting

At DocMarketo we believe in complete transparency, our team provides clear and accessible reports. You can request to obtain a full overview of your social media campaigns.

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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined.

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