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What Is Google Presence And Why Does It Matter For Your Business?

As far as being an authority online in the field of medical businesses go, Google is the best to become so. A medical business needs to convince its patients to in order to gain them. Furthermore, patients nowadays depend fastidiously on Google to base their opinion of a medical business.

If a medical business doesn’t show up on Google, it isn’t an option they chose to get their medical care from. Google is turning into a significant platform of how patients find medical businesses and medical care in their neighborhood. Google is without a doubt the main spot where patients seek you out, estimate your online presence, and get the information to contact you.

But what if your medical business doesn’t just show up on Google but is favored by it? Obviously, Google can’t favor businesses but there is a way to achieve the closest thing to that. Google is now allowing businesses to get verified and create a “Google Presence”. 

What Is Google Presence?

Google is one the biggest places you get your patient flux from. You target almost 90% of your marketing efforts, whether SEO, PPC, or SEM. But in order to become a verified authority, you must have “Google Presence”.

 Google presence refers to having your medical business show up in a verified way, whenever a patient looks you up. Not only does it add to your online standing but drives patient traffic and increases your business’s market value.

How Do You Create A Google Presence?

To create a Google presence, you must get your medical business verified. To achieve that, you must create a Google My Business (GMB) profile. Google My Business is a no-cost tool for businesses to manage their presence online. As the name indicates, Google My Business permits you to make a professional profile on Google.

It ensures that the medical business always shows up with you the primary data patients need, to visit your medical facility or medical site. Creating a GMB profile increase the market value of your medical business and portrays it as an “authority” to patients.

What Are The Benefits Of Creating A Google Presence?

Google is the biggest mainstream search engine online. It receives 63,000 searches per second in a day. Now imagine having your medical business basically being “rooted” for whenever someone looks up “medical clinic near me”. By adding all your SEO marketing efforts along with your Google presence, your medical business will be unbeatable.

Your Medical Business To Shows Up in Google Maps Searches

While a fast Google search is the most straightforward way to seek out a medical business, most patients use Google Maps to find medical businesses near them. By creating a Google My Business profile and finishing getting verified, your medical business along with your medical facility will begin to show up for patients who are located near you. This is an extraordinary advantage that permits patients to find a medical business near them right away. 

Get Listed In Google’s Local 3-Pack

By making a Google My Business profile and creating a Google presence, you can increase your chances of making it Google’s highly fought after listing. This listing is called Google’s Local Pack.

All your SEO efforts have one objective, and that is to get into this listing. By creating a GMB profile, your medical business will appear before organic searches. This increases your business’s visibility and presence.

Permits You Free Google Advertising

Marketing your medical business via SEO is a great way to gain patients, however, it may not always work out. This is why you seek after paid ads. But by creating a GMB profile, you can avoid both and advertise for free.

A Google My Business profile offers a  quick and free advertising option for you on Google. With this advertising campaign, you make the most of Google’s traffic, converting them into your own while costing you next to nothing.

Induces Patient Traffic And Generates Leads

Just by having a GMB profile and your medical business appearing in neighborhood searches of patients, you are 70% more bound to pull in patients flowing to your medical business.

Just by having the name of Google next to yours is enough for patients to pick you. A survey lead in 2018 found that patients who discover a medical busy via their Google My Business profile are 50% more likely to pick them for medical care.

Having A Google Presence Is Vital For Your Medical Business

Creating a Google presence via creating a Google My Business profile is perhaps the most beneficial approach to help your medical business’ online standing and gaining the spot of your area’s patient searches. Having a Google presence strengthens your medical business’s foundation and further supports it as it gains success.

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