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Five Most Popular Sites to Get Medical Reviews

If you are a doctor who owns an online medical business, you must know just how much worth patient reviews carry. 77% of patients seek reviews from other existing patients on an online medical business site before choosing it for its medical services.

While you can just simply ask patients to leave reviews, having a full strategy and system designated for asking, receiving, and showcasing patient reviews is the best way to get their full potential. A fantastic way to get patient reviews is by making a profile for your medical business and gaining credibility on it so patients can look you up.

There are numerous online review sites where you can showcase your medical services or your medical business. Online review sites are now a necessary stop for potential patients before seeking out a medical business’s services.

Why Should You Choose A Medical Review Site For Reviews?

To keep a successful online medical business, everything must be sorted and assigned. Similar to how each specific page on a medical site has its categorized purposes, patient review sites do the same. They are a great way to keep your patient reviews sorted, ranked, and on display for other potential patients seeking you out. Not only does it give a good impression of having your medical business name on a review site but it also builds trust and credibility in the eyes of potential patients.

The Most Popular Patient Medical Review Sites

Since it is such a developing aspect of medical marketing and more review sites are coming up everywhere. However, it is essential for your medical business to pick the most credible and popular review sites with the largest patient traffic online to get the most out of your reviews.


Healthgrades is a very popular site among doctor review sites that gets the almost 20 million guests patient traffic looking for medical services. Not only does it host such large patient traffic, but HealthGrades also has an accessible database of doctors, medical businesses, hospital profiles, etc.

HealthGrades provides 5-star reviewing criteria with 5 stars being a top review like many other patient review sites. This patient review site begins analyzing a patient’s review by picking only the credible ones to have on display. To begin with, you must create a profile for your medical business on this site to achieve patient reviews. It ranks the keywords and gives a score out of 100 to show just how much a medical business matches the search results.

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The second most popular and credible patient review site, CareDash plans to make online medical business data more straightforward and accessible for patients to leave reviews on them. While using CareDash, Patients can look up the “strengths” of an online medical business and see their credibility while also having the option to leave a review there for it if they have used the medical business’s services.

CareDash is centered around openness and inclusivity to all patients. On the search results, CareDash offers medical businesses and specialists when patients look them up by how much they match the patient’s search index. It also showcases a medical business’s reviews as the highlighted part of a patient’’s search result.

Similar to HealthGrade, you have to create a profile for your online medical business to get reviews on CareDash. By creating a profile of it, you ensure the chance of patients looking you up on this site and leave their reviews so they can be on display with your profile for other potential patients to see.


This is essentially one of the most popular review sites that online medical businesses use to gain patient reviews. At WebMD, patients rate online medical businesses on how well they offer treatments and medical services. WebMD doesn’t just have a single 5-star rating framework.

It allows patients to give a general rating about their experience which is why most medical businesses use it, however, it also allows them to give a star rating if that is what they want. WebMD incorporates Google results, which may incorporate other clinical practices, over the profile query items. It shows other online medical businesses in a sidebar directly on another medical business’s full profile page.

Still, you must have a profile to get reviews on it by patients. While most patients often use WebMD as a patient discussion and debate board, it is essentially a patient review site that offers credible medical business to patients allowing them to share their experience with them.


Though it is still isn’t a “proper” site for reviews, Facebook is one of the quickest developing patient review platforms online for medical businesses. To enable patient reviews on your profile on Facebook, you can fill out the Facebook Reviews application, which will make a Reviews tab directly on your medical business page where patients can seek out and leave their reviews. While seeking out reviews on other sites can be quite tedious for patients, with Facebook, patients often already have their accounts on it, so leaving and seeking out patient reviews is quite effortless and easy for patients. While you can use Facebook for your SMM campaigns and content strategy, it can also be used for purposes of acquiring patient reviews.

Google My Business

Possibly, the biggest patient review tool that almost all online medical businesses use, Google My Business is a great tool for utilizing the advantage of Google Search and Google Maps data and acquiring patient reviews. A recent study found out that 98% of patients pick a medical business if it is ranked on the top five on Google My Business index lists.

You need to certify your patient reviews for online medical business on Google My Business to enable patient reviews on it. While it is a great tool for acquiring and showcasing patient reviews, making a profile on Google My Business is a great way to earn credibility and improve your online standing for your medical business.

Patient Medical Review Sites Are Profitable For Your Medical Business

To earn the trust of your potential patients, you must have the reviews of your existing patients on display. While having them on your site is great, using patient review sites is a much more profitable and credible option for your medical business.

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Why Are Patient Reviews Necessary For Online Medical Business

Business is the process of trying new ventures, realizing some of them were mistakes and then rectifying and learning from them. The same is applied to the online medical business and you go through that process with the help of reviews. If you are a doctor that owns an online medical business, patient reviews are worth more than golden coins to you.

While some may consider them just mere opinions of people, to you it acts as a feedback for your medical business.Having a system that deals with your patient reviews can give you more data about your medical services, about who patients are comparing you to, what are your failings and shortfalls and then learn from them. Improve aspects that patients think are great and amend the ones that they think need some work.

If you want to gain new patients to your medical business, patient reviews may help you with that. Patients use online reviews to voice their experience with you, their opinion of what is your best aspect and what needs some evaluation. Hence, this creates a space of patients engaging and communicating with each other, and you as a third person can learn lots from that.

Search Engines Focus More On You

It is extremely hard for a business to catch the eye of search engines, particularly Google. You must have great content, good traffic, terrific SEO, patient reviews are a great way to get yourself high rankings for search engines so you can pop up at the top. According to Google, adding reviews to your site is equivalent to adding new content to your webpage.

The more you encourage your patients to leave a review about their experience with your medical services, the more is Google likely to consider you as a sort of authority and improve your standpoint.

Each time a patient leaves you a review, Google notices that and you improve your chances with it. To people who realize their worth, patient reviews are gold mines. Regardless of whether you gain a positive or a negative review, there is a high chance that it will most likely contain keywords which are pertinent to your medical business.

Google My Business reviews that are embedded with keywords are a powerful factor in showing up at the highest rankings for Google.

Build Your Business’s Reputation and Rankings

Positive reviews about your medical business play a vital part in helping in build trust between you and your potential patients. When you gain positive patient reviews for online medical business, you can build a place of marketing that does the job of promoting your medical business by itself.

A potential is likely to be persuaded into picking your  medical services by the positive reviews of other patients you have on display. The reviews act as a form of certification of your great services and conduct of business.

Patient reviews are also a great way to improve your rankings. For instance, when you search for “best orthopedic specialist in manhattan ” the top most search results that will come up would likely be medical businesses that have their patient reviews on display.

In particular, the part of reviews that have the terms that were searched for were in bold, showing Google’s ranking for it. That implies Google reviews are very impactful and permanent. Eventually, the more patient reviews you have, the higher you will rank in Google for best local SEO for medical business. The higher you rank, the more possibilities you have at attracting new patients.

Engage With Patients And Show Attentiveness To Them

It is impossible to accept only good reviews out of your patients. Despite the fact that you offer great medical services, you are bound to get a couple negative reviews either way. This can be a quite a tricky instance if you don’t handle it the right way. Your first impulse may be to fire back with your side of the story.

Notwithstanding, that may just harm your stand point further and can really cause a HIPAA violation in the event that you uncover PHI simultaneously. It also creates a bad level of unprofessionalism too, that their patients will witness as well.

To turn things your way, you can convert that negative review into a positive one. Attend to the negative review and try to sit it out rationally, by sympathizing with the reviewer and trying to work things out. You can offer them discounts or deals to make up for the bad experience they had.

You can also show them the promise of improvement and that just creates a level of interaction that all patients see and creates a good impression on them, It also shows that you care about them and their experience and are willing to improve and learn.

Chance To Learn And Improve

When you enable patient reviews for online medical businesss site, you actively create a space of learning and improving from the feedback you are receiving. When you begin to see a pattern in the negative reviews you get from patients, then you can realize that whatever it is, there is a shorfrtfall on your side and needs improvement.

You also learn if your new applied business tactics are working out for you or not by the reviews that patients leave you. Focusing on patient criticism and changing the services you give can change your medical business into a flourishing medical business.

The medical care industry is more serious now than any other time and in the event that you’re not ready to give the degree of client assistance patients expect, then will slip from you to another business. Not exclusively does this strategy enhance your medical services by improving the experience for the patient through your entryway, it also develops positive reviews which can expand your traffic and patient crowd online.

Negative patient reviews can be debilitating and hard to acknowledge, however with the correct mentality and technique that you utilize for these reviews may offer a potential benefit by improving your standpoint and developing your patient care services.

Patient Reviews Are Vital For your Medical Business

Now that everything’s online, patients can hardly physically ask other patients about their experience with you. A recent research showed that patients are now searching for other patient reviews about a medical business before choosing them. Almost 50% of patients are likely to pick the medical business for which they have read reviews about. Getting patient reviews assists you with improving your services, recognizing holes in them, building patient-doctor trust and gaining new patients.

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