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Patient Testimonials: Why Should Your Medical Website Have Them?

If you have spent quite some time doing medical marketing, you may have come to find that often having great medical content, social media promotions and even a fully optimized site may lack in gaining patients for you.

That is because like every other consumer on the planet, they look for something to base their trust on before buying a product. 

Similarly, your potential patients look for something to trust in your medical business before they can pick you. That “something” can be patient reviews or even better, patient testimonials.

Patient testimonials are narratives or advanced reviews that convey a patient’s experience about your medical services, your treatments, their recovery journey, and often if you are lucky, a recommendation. 

Patient testimonials are much more whole and personal than simple reviews and act as a base where your potential patients can relate to and deem you reliable. Putting up patient testimonials on your medical site can act as embellishing your site with certificates.

This practice can encourage patient commitment, increase the patient visiting time by engaging them, and can help you out with improving your search engine rankings as well. 

Serve As Proof And Certification

Simply put, patient testimonials are proof and certification. It serves as a convenience and advantage to both you and your potential patients by giving them something to base their trust in all the while elevating your online standing. Patient testimonials are perhaps the most remarkable approaches to acquire trust and draw in new patients to your medical business. While they also help you out with your content marketing strategy for doctors, a survey led some time ago states that 89% of patients are more likely to choose a healthcare business after taking a look at their patient testimonials on their official site.

 Patient testimonials are viable because your current patients were once in the predicament where your potential patients are, which is considering whether to pick your medical business over another and figuring out what makes you different and more worthy of their choice rather than your competitors. When potential patients see what different patients are stating about you without any paid encouragement from your behalf, fortifies their trust in you. 

Contribute To Lifting Awareness For A Medical Business

While putting up patient testimonials is helping you gain new patients, it is also elevating your online reputation. Patient testimonials are an informal exchange between your existing patients and your potential patients and can accumulate awareness and reputation for your medical services among your intended patient crowd. They are a sort of archives and a record book that potential patients can look through.

Make sure that the testimonials that you put on your medical site are as natural as possible and unbiased. If they come across as forced or as though you have paid someone to write them, can damage the prospects of their success. The thought is to keep the tone unobtrusive and light with a sense of realness and a relatability to them. 

Your patient testimonials contain the experience of a patient which is what the potential patient will most likely be interested in, but it also contains information about your treatments and healthcare services, which works in the favor of increasing positive aspects of your reputation and image. 

Offer A Link To Existing Patients To Potential Patients  

Patient testimonials are genuine stories that mention to others what you are and how you have had an effect on your patient’s life. The way that patient testimonials come from a patient straightforwardly makes them relatable and viable. While you may think that these testimonials are on your site and are about you, which they are, but, they really offer a space for your existing patients and your potential patients to link and relate to one another. 

At the point when you put up patient testimonials, you are telling your potential patients what you did and people’s opinions about your medical business. Patient testimonials must seem like you haven’t put any purposeful endeavors to gain them. It indirectly works in a way like this:

“My GERD problems are cured because of _____ healthcare business.”

“Really? I have been looking for a place to sort out mine too! Tell me more about your experience.”

Add To Content Marketing Strategy And Lowers Bounce Rates

While they are connecting with your potential patients, patient testimonials also improve your content marketing strategy, mainly because they are a part of the medical content you put up on your best medical sites for doctors. You can optimize them, have some medical keywords in them and even share them on your social media platforms for more exposure. Make sure to have some infographics or visuals to make them more engaging and appealing as possible.

When a potential patient comes across the page for your patient testimonials, they will likely be intrigued and read them. This cancels out their chance of existing your medical site and lowering your bounce rates. The average time for a patient visiting a medical site is 3.4 to 3.9 seconds according to Google and when you put up patient testimonials, you are increasing that time for your patients.

Patient Testimonials On A Medical Site Gain Potential Patients

Everyone wants some level of proof and trust to see what they are buying, generally. Patients are the same. Your promotions and content endeavors won’t work to their full potential if you did not give the potential patients something to trust. Putting up patient testimonials does just that. 

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