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Analyzing and Optimizing Healthcare Email Campaign Performance

Marketing is a world with shifting marketing tactics that come and go every once in a while. While these tactics keep emerging every now and then, there is no denying of the fortified marketing strategies that have been there since day one and constantly prove their worth in terms of lead generation even now. One of those fortified marketing strategies is email campaign marketing. The biggest medical businesses acclaim 40% of their patient leads to email marketing.

So let’s say, you started to employ email marketing to acquire patients and get your medical service out there, but how do you know how well it is working? Is it generating back your ROI? At the end of the day, no marketing strategy holds any worth if its potential does not match with your goals and ROI.

So if you are about to activate your next healthcare email campaign, take a pause for a few minutes and measure your campaign to objective-defining questions such as  “What is the goal of this healthcare email campaign?“, “Is it to generate patient leads?” “Is it to create a patient subscriber group?”, “Is it to convert more existing leads into patients?”, etc. If you are undetermined of the performance of your healthcare email campaign, it is now time to analyze the impairments and optimize where needed to progress toward your medical marketing goals.

Why Should You Even Use Healthcare Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet the most successful parts of marketing in general. There are over 4 billion active users of email and over 3 million emails are sent every passing second. These statistics are enough to understand how many individuals (patients in this case) reside in the potential of email.

Aside from the high usage, email marketing is customizable, which is rare in other marketing aspects. With email marketing, the whole framework is customizable, working in the favor of both your existing and potential patients and your medical business. You can cover subjects like the new updates in your medical services, your recent business success, asking for a patient review or telling them about any discount or special offers. With its use foreseen to increase by a double margin, email marketing is here to stay, with a current ROI of 4300%.

How To Analyze Your Healthcare Email Campaign Performance?

While email marketing is a prosperous marketing aspect, it is crucial to determine whether it is working to its potential, therefore analyzing your healthcare email campaign’s performance is important too. Here are some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help analyze your email campaign’s success rate.

The Open Rate

An email campaign’s open rate is the number of patients who received your email and opened it. This is a significant KPI to quantify whether your marketing emails are being opened at all by your patients. Your healthcare email campaign is a waste of a marketing budget if their open rate doesn’t come to scratch the number of patients in your campaign’s database.

The Unsubscribe Rate

An email campaign’s unsubscribe rate is the number of patients who received your emails and chose to be dropped from your campaign. This means that your campaign was unsatisfactory and failed to provide both your goals and your patients’.

There are numerous components that can influence your unsubscribe rate. If your emails look spammy, have misleading email titles, contain spammy links or clickbait, patients are likely to get irritated by them and choose to unsubscribe. This brings a negative impact on your medical business’s credentials as well.

The Clickability Rate

An email campaign’s clickability rate refers to the number of patients who were influenced by the marketing content inside your emails and choose to click on the links provided in the emails, which are basically links to your medical site or blog entries.

The Conversion Rate

An email campaign’s conversion rate is the most important KPI to consider when analyzing its performance. This KPI refers to the number of patients who received your emails, clicked on them, clicked on the links provided, and chose your medical services. This is the rate of patient leads generated by your email campaign.

How To Optimize Your Healthcare Email Campaign For Better Performance?

Once you have learned how to analyze your healthcare email campaign’s performance and figured out where it is lacking, it is now time to optimize it and turn those failings into powerpoints. Here are some optimizing factors that can improve your medical email campaign’s performance.

Definitive Purpose

Your marketing emails must always have a definitive purpose. The subject of your email can hugely impact your clickability, open, and conversion rates. When in doubt, create different marketing emails with different purposes and ensure that you are labeling and sectioning your patients by their interests so you can send them subjects that are the most relevant to them.

Catchy Title

Your marketing emails’ titles are what impact your email open rate. Always opt for direct titles that are basically that: direct and straightforward. These titles tell the patients what to expect from your emails. Some good examples of direct email titles are:

“Save 55% On Influenza Shots”

“How Can I Prevent My Family From Malaria + A Doctor’s Advice”

“Free Newborn Vaccines Available In Your Area”

Link Anchor Text

To get the best clickable rates on your emails, make sure to add powerful anchor text that supports your links that navigate your patients to your medical site or blog. To further develop your anchor text, add supporting sentences such as”

“Click Here To Subscribe To Our Medical Blog”

“For Further Information, Click On The Link Below”

“Discover More Of Our Dental Services Here”

Relevant Email Campaign Content

The relevancy in an email’s content is what makes or breaks an email campaign’s performance. A patient will only click and look forward to receiving your marketing emails if what you are sending them is relevant, interesting, and matches their interests. If one patient pursues your medical site for its medical content, send snippets of it in your emails, or if another browses around the discount or special offer page of your medical site, send those to them in your emails.

Tracking The Performance Of An Healthcare Email Campaign

Every medical marketing strategy must be analyzed to check the matching rates between its potential and its outcomes to ensure high ROI and goal completion for your medical business. To reiterate, your healthcare email campaign must generate patient leads, expand your patient crowd and get your medical services out there. To ensure it does all of that, analyzing and optimizing it is necessary.

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Why Is Email Marketing Important For Doctors?

It is a fool’s errand to list email marketing for doctors as an outdated marketing practice in the healthcare industry. Though it may seem hard to believe 91% of people all around the globe who have access to the internet check their emails more than their social media. Email marketing still has an impact and that necessarily doesn’t mean that social media marketing doesn’t. Both have their targeted uses.

Nowadays, patients use email like never before. For the majority of the healthcare industry, it is the favored technique for correspondence as it conveys a sense of professionalism and is generally the fastest way to interact and market services to the patients.

Email marketing falls under direct marketing that manages the customer or the patient without including any middleman in the marketing cycle.

Subsequently, the medical business’s message is conveyed straightforwardly to the targeted audience. Email advertising is at present the simplest and least exorbitant path for you to advertise yourself and your services.

It’s inside the capacity and expenses of even the smallest medical businesses to use email marketing. For those businesses have now started to grow and branch out, email marketing for doctors can help your marketing campaigns.

An Affordable and Targeted Marketing Tactic

Marketing is a big and deep place to venture out with strategies that may not likely target your specific audience necessarily because they are not suitable for your business. To solve this issue, email marketing is the answer. To send an email to many patients, you have to create a subscribers list. This nails all the darts on the board and advertises to just the right audience and has 100% effectiveness.

Email is the most beneficial marketing tactic in presence today. It isn’t just cost-proficient, yet it additionally can offer extraordinary quantifiable profits when executed appropriately. At the point when you send your content carefully across the web, you don’t need to print out any paper, you can simply hire an email marketing person to do the job for you or just utilize pre-typed templates to save time and energy. It is simply incredible just how it is more affordable than actual mail.

While 98 percent of Americans check their mail consistently, actual ads are significantly more liable to be discarded than an email is to be moved to the spam envelope or erased. Moreover, with email, the time it takes to convey your messages gets cut radically after some time as your marketing cycle turns out to be considerably more productive.

Generates More Leads Email Marketing for Doctors

You can find many great strategies that may claim to generate leads faster than any but did you know that you can just get the job done with email marketing as well? For patients who discover you on the web as most potential patients will pursue your email list permits them to become more acquainted with you prior to choosing whether or not to choose your medical services.

 They will see what your medical business is and what is important to you as a medical specialist, without sitting in an office just to come to terms that you are certainly a solid match for them.

Then again, email marketing makes it straightforward for current patients to share your email and hence your contact data and business hours with their friends and family, another practical method to carry more leads to your site and, in the end, into your office.

A Worthy Investment with Low Expense

It is very difficult to pick and implement good marketing strategies that may work for you because they are very expensive. This can be an issue if you’re stepping into the healthcare industry. If you select doctor marketing strategies, pay for it and find out after time, money and energy has been spent on it that it is not working out for, you will find yourself knee deep in loss. Contrasted with more conventional marketing structures, email is unquestionably more practical.

 Accessible on a month-by-month premise, you’ll know precisely what you can hope to go through every month. What’s more, because of your email specialist co-op, you’ll have the option to see precisely how regularly your subscribers are opening your emails, visiting your site, and in any event, booking visits with you.

For each $1 spent, email marketing for doctors brings back $44 and that is 4,400% ROI. Furthermore, the incredible thing is, you can begin tracking each email you send so you realize precisely the amount of ROI you’re generating.

Provides Varied Uses for Patient Engagement

Unlike many other marketing strategies that require individual tactics for patient engagement, you can do it all with your emails.

  • Setting Appointments

Instead of making your patients visit your appointment information page on your website,, sending appointments updates via email is a powerful method to improve your patient’s experience and improve efficiency.

  • Getting Reviews

Sending emails to patients requesting a review will improve your online standing, appraisals, audits and help bring down the potential effect of negative reviews.

  • Optimized For Mobile View

Nearly 53% of emails are opened on phones. Streamlining your emails implies that you permit even the littlest of screens to see your email appropriately. This is particularly significant on the off chance that you incorporate pictures and other visual content in your emails.

A Great Way to Advertise

Nowadays, a great deal of doctors likewise sell items: for instance, glasses, lens, creams for dermatological uses and so forth. Email marketing permits you to send coupons and  offers effectively, helping your patients to remember the worth your medical services convey and the significance you put on patient fulfillment, eventually boosting your deals.

You can encourage trust and create long-term patient-doctor relationships by building up something other than healthcare tips in your email marketing campaigns. Offer discounts, free visits or deals.

Your patients will encourage their acquaintances to become faithful patients of yours with the goal that they can get extraordinary advantages, as well. It is significant that every patient feels that they are your top priority.

Don’t Skip Email Marketing for Doctors In Your Medical Marketing Strategy

Email marketing for doctors is the ideal way for drawing in and connecting with your patients just as potential patients. This line of correspondence is ideal for new, existing, and current patients, permitting you to make long term relationships with a wide scope of patients. So, if you are creating your PPC marketing campaign, be sure to include email marketing as your top priority.

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