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Telehealth: The Complete Guide

Medical businesses offering telehealth has become a norm. It is a service that patients expect to see offered by every established medical business, whether pandemic or not. However, incorporating telehealth services into your business framework is no easy thing. Deciding to offer telehealth services resembles beginning another business.

To offer telehealth services, there are certain rules and guidelines to follow, a framework of the process of incorporating telehealth into your medical business, and realizing how much worth you will get out of offering it. It is a complex process, nonetheless, but it can be made easier if you follow a guide and know your way around it.  

What Is Telehealth Services?

Telehealth services are a way of medical businesses offering their medical services to patients in a virtual medium. Instead of patients physically being in a medical facility to receive medical care, it is provided to them in their homes by video calls, voice calls, or virtual app consultations.

How To Set Up Telehealth Services For A Medical Business?

Similar to extending your medical business, deciding to offer telehealth services can become a jumbled mess if you don’t have a structured game plan. Here is a game plan that will help you figure out how to assemble a telehealth program:

Base Analysis

This is a fore step that will help you calculate the base measurements and figure out the rest of your strategy. The base analysis consists of carrying out a sort of survey that will help you realize the market for your program and recognize the persona of your patients, which will distinguish your intended patient group.

Design And Structure

The core objective of designing your telehealth program is satisfying your patient’s needs and exceeding their experience. Numerous telehealth program designers make telehealth programs that perform very well from a technical perspective, yet come up short when it comes to the patient experience.

Quality Testing

Once you have a prototype of your telehealth program, test it out by creating a fake group of patient profiles. If it runs smoothly through them, you can carry on. This is a fundamental step in creating a telehealth program as it gives you insight into your progress, shows what is lacking and what can be improved.

Polish And Finesse

The second to last step is making sure all the rough ends of your telehealth program are tied. The things you should consider rechecking before launching your telehealth program services are:

  • Simple for patients and staff to use and operate.
  • HIPPA complaint
  • Safe and free of any errors
  • Eligible for bearing patient traffic load

Launch And Feedback

Finally, after quality tests and final checkups, you should have a working telehealth program at your hands at this stage. Make sure you announce its launch on every promotional and marketing platform. Moreover, its promotion is something you should be carrying out months before its launch so patients can look forward to it. Once you launch it, keep your eyes open for any sort of feedback.

What Are The Benefits Of Providing Telehealth Services?

Aside from the fact that telehealth services are now considered the norm and a defining aspect of a medical business’s success and reputation, they are beneficial both for the patient and the medical business providing it.

Builds Your Patient Reach

Distance and travel time among patients and medical businesses can restrict their relationship. You would be surprised to know how many patients are impressed by your online standing, medical site, and services but will not pick you if you are far away from them. By offering telehealth services, that loss of patients is revived.

Improves Patient Experience

If you are a successful medical business, your waiting room likely stays crowded. This can mean a negative point for you, however, because patients don’t want to wait to receive medical care. With introducing telehealth services, patients don’t have to wait at all. It improves their overall experience and may end up with them leaving a positive review for you.

Convenient and Accessible Medical Care

Virtually receiving medical care is favored by at least 74% of patients worldwide. Not only is it a convenient way to provide medical care but a favored way to receive it by patients. With pre-made appointments, it is time-saving, convenient, and accessible than in-person visits.

What Are The Guidelines For Setting Up A Telehealth Service

Even after following the game plan above, there are still guidelines that you have to follow when you decide to offer telehealth services to your patients.

Deciding When To Use Telehealth

Telehealth cannot cover all your medical services for doctors. There is still some medical care that will require you to do in-person visits. Still, you can offer telehealth services to patients who want medical care for diabetes, hypertension, mental sickness/social wellbeing, etc. It is up to the medical business to decide when it is agreeable to provide medical care via telehealth.

Virtual Prescriptions

Prescriptions on telehealth are a tricky matter. As mentioned before, for certain medical conditions, such as mental wellbeing, it is alright to provide virtual prescriptions. But the doctor must have a prior relationship with the patient before prescribing.

Educating Your Patient

You must inform and thoroughly educate your patients before providing them telehealth services, They must know every aspect of the program and the security you will provide their personal information. Only after their consent, can you provide them telehealth services.

It Is Now A Medical Business Necessity To Offer Telehealth

It is important for a medical business nowadays to offer telehealth services, whether in the form of an app or just plain virtual consultations. Not only is it crucial for your business’s success but for improving your patient’s experience.

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