How Can You Reach Potential Patients Via YouTube?

While Google remains to be the most used search engine platform, there are others that are always competing to fight for the second-best position for the next best search engine platform, among them and often counted as the second most used platform, is YouTube. Regardless of its consistently developing online presence catering to more than 30 million users a day, there are still some doctors and online medical businesses on the road to the realization of why and how they should incorporate patients on YouTube as a part of their medical marketing strategy.

YouTube’s user structure remains enormous, with more than 6 billion hours worth of visual content being produced monthly and over a billion views on some of the most popular videos on it. As mentioned before, some medical businesses are still churning overusing Youtube to reach their patients but the ones that do use it for marketing their medical services observe that Youtube has expanded their patient traffic up to a 119%.

As we progress with the digitization of online marketing, we have come to realize that any social media platform can be used to turn into a magnet for attracting leads, and Youtube is a platform that a lot of expert marketers emphasize on using for the purpose of marketing. Almost 64% of online businesses opt to market on Youtube and among them, 71% of online medical businesses use Youtube to connect to their patients and tell their business’s story.

Is YouTube An Amiable Option For Healthcare Marketing?

Yes, a hundred percent. Visual content is on the rise when it comes to marketing nowadays. Individuals seek out online content that doesn’t require them to sit and read to the bottom of the page, as a solution, marketers and online businesses have started to put more focus on creating visual or audio content. This is where Youtube comes in to cater to the demographic of your patients that seek out medical visual content.

Visual content, by its very nature, engages patients and prod them towards a call to action. YouTube videos are easy to search for by keywords, both on YouTube itself and through Google, which makes your medical content there approachable to your patients. Youtube caters to 122 million users in the U.S, and among them are hundreds of your potential patients. There are two different ways to use YouTube to reach out to potential patients; one, by building a YouTube channel for your medical business, and two, advertising through visual medical content and your channel.

Medical marketing on YouTube follows a strategy like this:

  • Creating a medical visual content strategy.
  • Sketching out a posting schedule.
  • Blending the medical content between marketing and information.
  • Optimizing your medical business’s YouTube channel.
  • Interacting with patients on your videos.

How To Reach Potential Patients on YouTube Marketing?

Since advanced marketing on YouTube has been around for almost 20 years now, reaching out to your potential patients is quite simple. Think of your Youtube channel as another blog space, just the content type differs. Here are 5 ways how you can reach your potential patients on YouTube:

Coming Up With A Video Marketing Strategy

Quite similar to how to come up with a marketing or promoting plan for anything, a video marketing strategy on YouTube needs to have defined motives.

  • What do you want your medical videos to achieve?
  • What will the nature of the content posted be?
  • Who will it focus on?

For a healthcare business, your medical videos should attract potential patients on YouTube, build your business’s image, and market your services. The nature of your videos should follow a 1:1 ratio of marketing and information. They should provide relevant medical information to patients while marketing your business. The tone of the videos must be permeable, meaning it should target not just your elder patients, but the young ones too.

Using Medical Keywords

If you are looking for a place to utilize your medical keywords that have proven quite successful, YouTube videos are the perfect place to use them. Keywords are essential in YouTube marketing and reaching out to your patients. Make sure you have medical visual content created in the light of your medical keywords which patients look for.

For instance, a patient searches, “how to fight the flu season?”. You can create medical videos on your channel catering to that keyword, accordingly. Your YouTube videos will work well when you include these medical keywords in the title of your videos, tags, and the description box.

Incorporating Call-To-Actions

The general purpose of your YouTube videos is to draw in potential patients and then guide them to your medical services. Putting up a CTA in your medical videos is the most successful strategy to follow, in order to gain patients on YouTube. Lead them to the links to your medical site, tell them to like your videos, and subscribe to your business’s channel. CTAs offer the finishing touch to every content you put out on any forum, and when it comes to YouTube videos, they are exceptionally beneficial.

Optimizing Your Channel

Your YouTube channel is like your medical site’s blog, it needs optimization. Including the right medical keywords and tags in your medical video will rank you higher whenever a patient searches for something you cater to. Add links to your other social platforms and your medical site, while making sure your visual content includes them as well. It is similar to how to optimize your medical blogs, just more simple.

Telling Your Story

Videos that tell patient stories are a highly popular and fruitful content type in medical marketing for doctors. They are extremely similar to how you put up textual patient testimonials on your medical blog. Patients look for a personal connection with other patients sharing their symptoms or medical issues. Creating such visual patient testimonials can bring a huge crowd of potential patients to your channel and later on, to your medical site.

Medical Marketing On YouTube Made Easy

Marketing on YouTube is quite easy once you see it as a blog space for your visual content. For marketing your medical services, handpicking your medical videos and optimizing your channel can aid in attracting the patients already in that space. Patients look for the very best when it comes to medical content, and now with the option of visual content made available, all medical businesses are expected to put it out as well in order to connect with the professional credibility they strive to achieve.

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How Can You Use Social Media to Enhance Your Medical SEO?

As a doctor who has been striving to market their medical business or services, you may have come to the realization that marketing can be visualized as a process of mix and match. So it comes to nobody’s surprise that medical SEO is very integrally connected with your social media marketing (SMM) strategies.

SEO and SMM are two crucial pillars of any medical marketing structure. While SEO is an umbrella term for all strategies that are used to increase your medical site’s visibility in order to acquire online patient leads organically, SMM focuses more on building your medical business’s image on your social platforms and guiding potential patients on them to your medical site.

Expert marketers have now found ways which are accumulated in a term called “Social SEO” in which you can use social media to enhance your medical SEO. Using your SMM in a certain way can benefit you in terms of more backlinks, improved patient engagement, higher SERP ranking and more.  Furthermore, using SMM and SEO provides a better understanding on both channels and assists you with performing better on both marketing channels.

What is Social SEO?

Social SEO is a term born from the result that is achieved with the combination of the channels “SEO” and “Social Media Marketing”, which alludes to using social media marketing strategies in a way that benefits a site’s SEO.

While SMM does not directly improve your medical SEO, however, the interaction and engagement (sharing and posting your medical content, liking and commenting on it, giving reviews, etc) done by both your patients on you on your social platforms adds up internally impacting your medical site’s SEO.

A study done at Google’s ranking algorithm in 2016 found that online businesses with high SMM results had SERP high rankings as well, which was later concluded that SMM does have an integral impact on a site’s SEO, just not directly. Still, the impact rate is enough to make Social SEO a part of your medical marketing strategy.

How Does SMM Strategies Enhance Your Site’s Medical SEO?

Since SMM strategies are relatively new and they are still in the process of discovering how much exactly do they enhance a site’s SEO, however the proved ones follow as:

Improves Medical Site’s Backlinks

Backlinks are the spine of medical SEO and the most certain way that SMM enhances medical SEO is by providing quality backlinks. You can build more certified links by sharing your own high-quality medical content which gives you a position of authority in Google’s eyes. When you share your medical content on your social platforms, you’re placing it before a crowd of patients who will share and post it to their own acquaintances’ groups, creating a pool of links.

Acquires Patient Traffic While Medical SEO Activates

Blending SEO and SMM is known to drive more site traffic, particularly if a site has just been activated. While implementing medical SEO strategies can benefit you with organic patient leads and increased exposure, it also takes some time to start generating results.

This way you don’t have to wait for patients to start becoming aware of your medical business, after your medical site is up and running and your medical SEO is activated you can start generating patients from both channels, simultaneously. Google will see if your medical site is being used or visited and therefore it would start considering it for rankings

Quick Medical Content Indexing

Content is a big part of SEO. Using social platforms to post medical content can start getting clicks on it rapidly. This way you are indexing your medical content. As patients click and share the medical content, Google gets an initiative that that page should be indexed and ranked as well, increasing your medical SEO stability.

Improved Medical SEO Ranking

Your medical SEO is also supported by the patient visiting time on your medical site. Visits from your social platforms can impact the normal time patients spend on your medical site’s pages and your bounce rate. If your medical content is excerpted from your medical site’s content or is linked to it, every click and visit will increase your SEO stability.

Your medical business’s social platforms pages add another space for your intended patient group to look you up, permitting you to develop your patient crowd and your business image. Furthermore, the business development on your social platform means more organic patient traffic will be guided to your medical site, resulting in enhancing your overall medical SEO.

How Can Social Media Enhance Your Medical SEO?

Now that SMM has been well-established in terms of enhancing a site’s SEO, here are some ways you can use them for your medical SEO as well:

Post And Profile Optimization

Your social platforms are your search tools, keeping this in mind, create your medical posts and profile in a way that collaborates both SEO-driven traffic and social media-driven patient traffic. Optimize them in order to show up on SERPs if a patient looks them up.

Linking Back and Forth

No matter the type of medical content you post, make sure to always link back to your medical site. The same should be done with your medical site’s content. Back and forth linking creates a pool for patients to follow to both channels, which increases their visibility and in the end, your medical SEO.

Hashtagging The Right Way  

Hashtags are how patients look up the medical content they have searched on social platforms similar to how keywords work for your site’s content. Using hashtags the right way enables patients to look up your medical pages more easily, increasing their visibility. You can use the tool for this.

Creating Short Optimized Posts

If you are planning on posting on your medical site, make sure to create optimized short posts on your social platforms that promote it there. That way, when you post, patients will know that you did and can track it down on your medical site easily, increasing its views, exposure, and sharing.

Is Your Medical SEO Entwined With Your Medical SMM?

While SMM can’t directly impact SEO, it can affect factors that influence its rankings. Using SMM is a smart way to amp your medical SEO services if it needs a little revamping. Medical businesses can benefit from “Social SEO” since a lot of their patients are derived from their social platforms.

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Google Ads: How to Use It for an Online Medical Business?

In-organic marketing is popular due to a valid reason. That reason being the rate of instant leads, increased site traffic, brand promotion, and business development. A part of in-organic marketing branches out towards paid ads, or running paid ads via Google Ads. Google has now become the number one platform for running PPC ads.

Previously known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is the world’s biggest and most broadly used advertising channel that can flourish your medical business by connecting it to a crowd of thousands of patient leads. Google itself is used 3.5 billion times a day by its users, each search from the 3.5 billion holds a potential patient lead for your medical services.

This is where you insert Google Ads in your marketing/advertising funnel. Google Ads permit you to advertise and promote your medical services and business when your potential patients look up medical keywords related to you. If you manage to execute it perfectly, they can earn back your ROI with high lead generation rates. 

How Do Google Ads Work for A Medical Business?

Google Ads function as paid-per-click ads, centering around keywords and their bidding. To use it, you must identify and pick out the medical keywords that are applicable for your medical business and if your potential patients are likely to search them or click on them. Then you must bid on them, keeping in mind the price they are going to cost once a potential patient clicks on your medical ad.

For every medical keyword that you have bid on that gets searched, your medical ads get to be displayed. Doing this gains exposure to your medical business and services and patients seek out your site since they see your ads on Google, which adds credibility to them and is relevant to what they look for.

How to Run A Medical Ad Campaign On Google Ads?

Running an ad campaign on Google Ads has become quite accessible and easy since it has become an advertising tool almost every online business uses to promote its products or services. Here is how you can create a medical ad campaign on it:


To start an ad campaign, you must create a Google Ads account first. To do so, sign in to your Google account and click on New Google Ads Account in the options. The next prompt will ask you to verify your medical business’s credentials and choose your location, time zone, and currency and click on submit. Once that is done and you are sent on a congrats prompt, click on Explore Your Campaign button.

Step One: Set Your Campaign Goals

After you have logged in to your Google Ads account, click on the Start Now button on the landing page or the New Campaign button if you are guided to a dashboard. You will be required to select your campaign goals. By picking this option, you will tell Google the kind of patient crowd you want it to focus your medical ads on and what will your campaign budget be accordingly to that.

Your campaign goals options will be:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Shopping
  • Video
  • Smart
  • Discovery

Choosing the Search campaign for a startup medical campaign will work if you are using Google Ads for the first time. From here, your medical ad campaign will start to shape itself according to the Search campaign. 

Step Two: Pick Your Medical Campaign’s Budget and Target

After selecting the Search campaign, you will be asked to select its network and how you want your medical ads to show up. You will also be required to select your ad’s location, targeted patient crowd by demographics, languages, etc. The clearer and specific about where and who you’re focusing on, the more leads you will generate.

Google itself recommends online businesses that use Google Ads to pick a more targeted and focused ad area. That way, the campaign becomes more powerful and targets as many people in the selected area as possible, rather than barely showing up to any in a large location. For instance, if your medical facility or clinic is situated in Dallas, Texas, you will hardly select Austin as well. In the next option prompt, you will be asked to select your medical campaign’s budget and bids, make sure to select each carefully. After selecting each, click on Save and Continue.

Step Three: Select The Ad Group

Your ad group is a collection of ads that have similar themes or purposes. For instance, if you have a medical ad about “Flu Vaccines” and another one about “Fall Vaccines”, your target will be “Vaccines”. You can look up your medical keywords or enter in your site URL and Google will generate them for you. Once you add the medical keywords for your ad group, click on Save and Continue.

Step Four: Create Your Medical Ads

Google makes creating your ads easier for you by pre-suggesting already created ads based on your options prior. Google gives you five options in terms of ad creation:

Google ad types:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Ads
  • App Ads

You will have to create the descriptions and headlines for your ads, as well. Google also shows a preview of how your ad will look once displayed, making it easy to edit and amend the ad along the way. Once the medical ad is created, click Done and Create Next Ad if you have the mind to create multiple or add others to your ad group.

Step Five: Overview and Publish

This is the part where you should review your medical ad campaign with a hawk’s eye. See if the campaign reflects what goals you had in your mind and click on Publish if everything is perfect. Your Google Ads’ medical campaign is now live and running.

Google Ads Is Playing a Big Part in Medical Marketing

Google Ads has become the most versatile, varied, and virtuous channel to run google ads for doctors. It doesn’t restrict a medical business in any way, allowing its ad campaign to be fruitful and compatible with its marketing goals. Google Ads has now become the ad channel most doctors opt for running their medical ad campaigns.

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Choosing A Good SEO Marketing Agency for Medical Marketing: Ultimate Guide

As a doctor who owns an online medical business nowadays, the importance of SEO is not lost on you. You are aware that employing SEO strategies get your medical services clicked on by patients far and wide across the internet. SEO marketing agency doesn’t just refer to “getting patients to pick your medical business” now, it means to build your medical business’s image, getting credibility online, and building a space of patients and potential patients that are keenly engaged with your every move.

Getting your medical SEO to work for you requires specific subject-market knowledge, some medical marketing elbow grease, and an ever-adapting mindset. As a doctor, you can’t expect yourself to do all that. This is where hiring medical SEO services for doctors comes in. Medical marketing itself is a very specific niche of a field, which requires that touch of an expert to achieve golden medical SEO.

A good SEO marketing agency for doctors understands this specific field of medical marketing, knows the nooks and crannies to attain the perfect crowd of patients, and gets a medical business to climb on top of search engine result pages (SERPS). In this regard, letting the experts take the wheel can be what turns simply “potential patients” to “your patients”.

What “Services” Does A Good SEO Marketing Agency Offer?

There are thousands of agencies and companies that offer SEO services, but only a few can provide the ones that really make a difference. Here are some services that every “good” SEO marketing agency offers:

Keyword Research and Strategy Plans

Anyone can do keyword research, so why is it the number one thing on every SEO marketing agency? Because keyword research is in fact easy, but doing medical keyword research that fits like a perfect puzzle piece with your medical business’s image, medical content, services, and the niche of patients that are likely to look you up is an expert’s work.

Keyword research and strategy plans are the meat and potatoes of every SEO marketing service. A good SEO marketing agency does the advanced medical keyword research for you and then formulate the perfect steady plan to follow to accomplish your business goals.

Technical Medical SEO

Technical SEO gives away its value just by its name. Medical businesses turn to SEO marketing services specifically to get their technical SEO down perfectly. Employing technical SEO is what makes Google realize that you have a medical site of high worth.

This leads to your medical site gaining high index rates, and higher rankings, resulting in an increased flux of patient traffic. Technical SEO uses structured data markup, secure sockets layer (SSL), site speed, portal optimization, etc to amp up a site, which is tricks only a “good” SEO marketing agency knows to execute properly.

On and Off-Page SEO

While technical SEO deals with building up your optimization in a back-end aspect, on and off-page SEO strategies deal with increasing the visibility of your medical business. A good SEO marketing agency has these on and off-page strategies checked off right away.

Off-page SEO services:

  • Content marketing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Backlinking
  • Google My Business optimization

On-page SEO services:

  • Title tags, and meta descriptions optimization
  • Website information, and internal linking structure optimization
  • Sitemap development
  • Image optimization
  • Website’s speed, user structure, and design optimization.

SEO Audits and Reports

While an SEO marketing agency provides SEO services, they also offer their customer, you, in this case, a monthly audit and reporting plan. With an SEO audit, the SEO marketing agency will check and track the success and failure rates of all your medical SEO strategies in place and will evaluate your medical website from an expert’s perspective, telling you what is lacking and what needs work.

Competitor Analysis

Your other goal, aside from gaining patients, is to stay ahead of your game from all of your competitors, but as a doctor, you hardly have the time and opportunity to sit and conduct a competitor analysis, and even if you, the analysis may just hit surface level.

You need a thorough competitor analysis to discover your online and offline medical competitors. An SEO marketing agency offers a competitor analysis for you to discover new ways to develop your overall medical SEO strategy and improve where your competitor lacks.

What Should You Know About Your Medical Business When Picking SEO Services?

Now that you have an idea of what services you can expect from a reputable SEO marketing agency, doing your homework before choosing SEO services will greatly benefit you.

Sort Out Your Medical SEO Goals

An SEO marketing agency offers tens of different kinds of services and strategies, but to select the right one for your medical business, you should know what you want your medical SEO to be. Many SEO services offer demo consultation services to help medical businesses out in this regard. If you want better online visibility, or better patient traffic, or better site optimization, they can offer you an SEO plan, tailored to fit your SEO needs.

Select The best SEO Marketing Agency That Fits Your Needs

Once you get a clear perspective of your medical SEO goals, it is then time to select the respective SEO service with strategies that will help you achieve those goals. As mentioned above, every good SEO marketing agency offers a comprehensive SEO service plan that is created for custom use. If you end up selecting a basic SEO service, your plan will look something like this:

  • Indexing
  • Keyword rankings
  • Backlinks
  • On and off-page optimization
  • Bounce rate and page loading time optimization
  • Click-through-rate (CTR) optimization

 Be Clear About The Budget

SEO marketing is expensive, especially when it is for medical businesses and services since it requires the SEO to be molded in a way that targets their field of interest. Before finalizing anything, remember to check if your budget meets the SEO service you are selecting. A basic SEO package for doctors can range from $150-$200/month. For instance, If you want your dental clinic in Irving, TX to show up as the top search result for “Best Dental Clinic Near Irving, TX”, a budget should be considered for that, regardingly.

Medical Marketing Made Easy By Choosing Good SEO Services

SEO can make or break a medical business, so to focus more on making rather than breaking yours, seeking out the touch of professional help is a smart idea. With their expert healthcare industry insight and a grip on the strong and latest medical marketing wheels, choosing a medical SEO agency is the first step towards your medical business’s success.

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